• Our Visit to Insight

    UO store employees Ashley Irwin and Megan Nardone took a trip to visit the Insight offices in Sydney, Australia. Here, Insight’s Laura May talks to the girls about their time down under.

    Talk to me about you’re time here in Sydney!
    Ashley: My time spent in Sydney was an amazing adventure! I loved meeting the Insight crew, and experiencing the laid back Australian culture. Bondi Beach was absolutely beautiful, and I was so happy that we took a walk down the Bondi-Bronte coast. Breathtaking!
    Megan: Sydney was incredible! A 14-hour time difference had a hard time holding us back, especially with the itinerary we had planned. We jumped right in straight from the flight. Everyone was so great! Every single person I met was super welcoming and so excited to have us.

    What was your most memorable moment?
    Ashley: It was awesome to be able to watch the model casting with inside the Insight offices. I really felt immersed inside a world that is so different from my own.
    Megan: My personal favorite thing that we did was the walk from Bondi to Bronti. It was such a scenic and beautiful experience, and it really made me appreciate the sheer beauty of Austrailia. It was hard to take it all in!

    What did you love most about Sydney?
    Ashley: For me, the people I met in Sydney made the trip! Hanging out with the Insight crew was an unforgettable experience. Everyone was so genuinely nice, generous and interesting. I loved having the opportunity to have the conversations I was able to have, and the new friendships I was able to make!
    Megan: Where to begin? I loved the stress free and down to earth vibe. I loved the amazingly friendly people. The food, the juices, and the abundance of Thai food didn’t hurt either! I really loved that we got to see Syndey from a real locals perspective. The entire trip was completely non artificial. We got to hang out with locals, and do the things that locals normally do and that gave me the best feel for Syndey, and made me really love it.

    What you found strange, weird or obscure?
    Ashley: The relaxed intersection between life and work. It was inspiring to see that you can work and live simultaneously and still achieve amazing business results.
    Megan: The slang! Although we all speak the same language, there were times where communication was lost to Australian slang. My favorite slang term is going to have to be “jumper” (as opposed to “sweater”). It was fun to learn all the sayings!

    What I love most about travelling are the new experiences and people you open yourself to. You never return home quite the same. Was there something in particular on this trip that resonated with you, inspired or changed you in that little way?
    Ashely: I really want to make a change to be more present in my own life. I think that the reason everyone I came in contact with, while in Australia, seemed so authentic and genuine, was because they were present in the moment. I hope to take this idea back to my daily life.
    Megan: I loved that Sydney had this relaxed vibe that you cannot find anywhere in New York. Everyone seemed to be doing the things that they loved, incorporating work into it, and keeping a stress free mindset. It was a contagious attitude that I totally loved. I was inspired to bring this into my day to day activities, and I feel like this attitude can help me to stay clear headed and achieve my personal goals. My trip to Sydney helped me to see the importance of staying level headed, worry free, and spontaneous!