• NYE At Home

    If you're spending New Year's Eve at home, no need to be bummed about it. I mean, definitely don't start thinking about how you used to be a lot more fun while stroking pictures from past New Year's Eve parties and bemoaning the loss of your youth. Stay posi! Having a solo N.Y.E. can be fun. Big parties are usually such a letdown, anyway. Accept your life for what it is, and lean into your future status as stay-at-home cat-mom. I know I have.Katie

    Cupcake Booty Buddy

    Yo, I mean, even if you have an actual party to go to, you should probably wear this.

    Disposable Camera

    When none of your friends show up to your party, whip out this camera to take pictures of yourself. The super adorable cat graphics that show up on the pics will help hide your tears.

    Rextarossa Crew Sweatshirt

    If you're gonna phone it in this year, at least get yourself a totally rad sweatshirt to flop on the couch in. Because c'mon, look at that.

    BDG Tapered High-Rise Lounge Pant

    Sweatpants that almost pass as regular pants will make you feel like you could go somewhere if you really wanted to, even if deep down you know you're not moving from the couch until January 2, 2013.

    Minnetonka Cally Slipper

    As you wander sadly around your house looking for Peanut the cat, your only friend, at least your feet will be toasty warm.

    BDG Floral Button-Up Long-Sleeved Romper
    The floral pattern will help hide the Velveeta cheese stains you're gonna get all over this thing.

    Wanted Cat Pint Glass
    Fill this with your beverage of choice at midnight and like I said, lean into that cat-mom status, man.