• NXNE x UO Second Annual Day Show

    Day three! Yesterday was our second annual free day show at our Queen Street, Toronto location and it went better than we could have hoped for! This year the bands that played were Decades, Bear Mountain, Beach Day, Still Corners and Dusted, and they were all incredible. Our store associate Merik Williams was kind enough to take these photos for us, so big thanks to Merik for sharing them with us to use on the blog. Here's a look at what went down! —Katie

    First up yesterday was Decades, and their vocalist Mike Kaminski wowed the crowd with his Morrissey-esque singing style. Actually, the title of most of these NXNE blog posts could probably be "That Day I Formed A Crush On Yet Another Musician" because his vocal stylings were definitely swoonworthy.

    Hey ladies!

    (From our Instagram!)

    Next up was the super danceable Bear Mountain! Even at 1 in the afternoon, they still got everyone pumped up and moving. Guitarist Kyle Statham even hopped off the stage to do some dancing/guitar-soloing in the crowd.

    Beach Day was up next with their sunny, '60s-sounding songs, and adorable lead singer Kimmy Drake started them all off by telling the crowd what they were about. ("This is a song about a boy.") Would love to steal her hair for my own, TYVM.

    Still Corners were up next and played their first few songs in a stripped-down way that really showed off vocalist Tessa's voice. She kept saying "cool" and told the audience it was her new favorite word. And when she found out there were a couple dogs in the crowd, she suggested they come up front for a doggie dance party. So cute!

    Last but not least was Dusted! The crowd totally loved them, and they were the perfect end to a music-filled day. All in all our second annual free day show went off without a hitch, and I can't wait to see what we have in store for next year. NXNE has been a blast so far, and I wish I could stay in Toronto for another week!

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