• (Buke & Gase)

    NXNE: Weekend Recap Part 1

    Too many things were happening all over the city this past week. Full blocks, streets, major intersections were temporarily been shut down not just for NXNE but also for food, arts festivals, and Psy-hosting, Taylor Swift–attending award shows. Here's what went down! —Carmel

    The National played a free show at Yonge-Dundas Square, steps away from our flagship store! Crowds were spilling out everywhere, so it made sense to take a couple of snaps.

    With very limited commuting available and unrelenting traffic that only doubled up your cab fare, the travelling choice on hand was your own pair of legs.

    (Buke & Gase)

    From Yonge and Dundas, walked all the way to the Horseshoe for the Brooklyn-based Buke & Gasea choice mostly made out of convenience. But what started off to be just a simple respite from walking turned out to be quite pleasant. The musical duo toted handmade instruments, skilfully playing tunes so sweet it nearly gave me a toothache. It should also be noted how watching them was kind of mesmerizing, in a way where your curiosity is piqued and your interest-levels tugged higher with each strumming of a string.

    (Majical Cloudz)

    The UO x NXNE secret guests at Sneaky Dee's for the night were Majical Cloudz. It was an intense set, full of emotion-driven force and zeal, and I was glad to finally witness Devon Welsh perform. At one point, he sat on the floor (right next to me) and remained there for most of the night, with everyone else also sitting. It felt like the band and crowd were all part of one very important art piece.

    One of our other secret shows for the night was Dan Deacon. He played an enthusiastic, dance-filled set in The Drake Hotel, and even though he had some problems with his equipment, he still turned out an amazing show.

    He was even kind enough to let us bug him afterward for a Vine post! We asked him how to make new friends, right as some drunk dude was totally trying to make him his new friend.