• NXNE Secret Show Photo Diary: Merchandise

    This week we are up in beautiful Toronto for NXNE! There's a ton (like, ton) of cool shows going on, so you'll also be seeing guest blogger and Toronto native Carmel helping us out on some posts! We are all gonna have to be on top of our energy drink game if we want to keep up with everything that's happening. Since arriving yesterday we've been too busy to stuff our faces with poutine (soon), but we did make sure we had plenty of time to check out one of our secret shows, Merchandise, at Parts and Labor. Here's our recap! (And follow our Twitter to see what else we'll be up to.) —Katie

    When we first got to Parts and Labor it was packed! Since we were early, we got to catch Milk Music's set and they were totally awesome. I'd been meaning to see them for a while, but they had never played near me, so it's like the fates aligned.

    Seriously, if you get the chance to see Milk Music live, you definitely should. They put on an incredible show, and everyone was super into it. (Got a little warm, if you can't tell.)

    After Milk Music ended their set, Carson Cox, frontman of Merchandise, came out for their secret set and was like, "Yo, it's my birthday! I'm drinking!" And everyone cheered. Happy birthday, dude!

    Merchandise also put on a fantastic show. By the time they were a couple songs in, everyone was moshing like crazy and I was hiding behind a speaker because I am a delicate infant. Like, I would seriously like to give it up for how enthusiastic (drunk?) the crowd was the whole time.

    At this point, everyone was going crazy. Carson threw his guitar down on the stage and hopped out into the crowd with all the fans. And that shirt? Stay young indeed, my friend. MAY WE ALL STAY YOUNG FOREVER.

    People were 100% committed to this show, crowd-surfing every chance they got, even though the ceilings were probably no higher than 7 feet.

    After the show ended we hunted everyone down to get this Merchandise and Milk Music hybrid band picture. Birthday boy on the right was having a blast and a half. Good job being handsome and talented, everyone.

    It's like you're right up in the action, right? If only we could have .gif-ed the moment when Carson jumped out into the crowd. Thanks for an awesome show, guys! And everyone else, stay tuned for more posts from NXNE - we've got a lot more planned and we can't wait!