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    NXNE: Day Two Recap

    It's hard to document events without ever mentioning the weather when they play such a significant role--like a villain in a story. But if said villain is terrifically-developed, it's also hard not to grow fond of him/her/it--as people do with Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, Spike or Dru in Buffy, Frankenstein, Professor Snape… you get the idea. I had a point there somewhere.

    Instead of letting the rain soak festival spirits, Toronto pretty much embraced the atmospheric villainy. In between intermittent pouring, the guys behind Young Lions Music Club & Live in Bellwoods pulled off yet another Great Heart success at Trinity Bellwoods.


    Headed again to the Arts & Crafts Pop Up a few blocks down, this time to see Toronto's Alvvays and Prince Edward Island's Boxer the Horse.

    (Boxer the Horse)

    And also managed to snap some rain-embracing style from festival-goers!

    Brooklyn's Black Marble was also playing just a few steps away at the Blk Box. Caught them just before heading to the Comfort Zone for Braids. And unsurprisingly, so did every other festival-goer, it seemed. The queue outside took a fair bit, but whoever chose the venue for the Montreal-based band definitely had the right idea. Braids' music perfectly blended with the eerie glow-in-the-dark lighting.


    My only regret that evening: not wearing a Picnic at Hanging Rock–dress!

    (Mikal Cronin)

    Mikal Cronin was conveniently playing next door at the Silver Dollar, which proved to be my favourite set of the festival so far. Not only was the band great to watch but the crowd also held up its end of showing genuine fervour!

    (The Soft Moon)

    Around 2 A.M. one of our secret shows, The Soft Moon, went on at The Horseshoe Tavern and totally blew the crowd away.

    At the end of the night, it just feels right to see broken guitar strings. —Carmel