• NSO Malibu: Surfrider Beach Cleanup

    Over the weekend we did a beach cleanup in Malibu with the Surfrider Foundation and cleaned up over 200 pounds of trash from the beach! A ton of our store associates from all over Cali came out to help (on a Saturday morning, no less), and seriously kicked some ass at trash-pickin'. One team even picked up 19 pounds of trash all on their own! Graham, the volunteer with the Surfrider Foundation, made sure everyone knew to keep an eye out for smaller plastic items that get overlooked because those are the items that cause the most damage. At the end of the day, we had a gigantic pile of trash, including some ridiculously big items (like the board above that says "WELCOME TO MALIBU, NOW GO HOME, ASSHOLE"). Overall, not bad for a few hours' work! Check out our picture recap below! —Katie

    Here they come! Like a zombie invasion but more fun.

    Getting briefed on what to keep an eye out for on the beach.

    Garbage-pickin' gloves.

    Weighing alllll the trash.

    The start of the trash pile.

    After everyone returned, Graham from Surfrider told us a little bit more about how to make sure the beaches stay clean.

    And that's what 200+ pounds of trash looks like!

    If you're in Malibu, you can see our new store at 3806 Cross Creek Road in the Malibu Country Mart.