• Northside Festival Recap

    This past week (June 13-20) was Brooklyn, NY's Northside Festival, featuring over 50 films and 350 bands performing at venues, warehouses, rooftops and parks all over the borough.  With so many places to go and new bands to check out, we teamed up with the @uonewyork crew to cover as much music as our feet could drag us to. Together, we saw so many amazing bands, artists, and outfits that we felt the need to share our experience with you. So, here we go!


    The first show we checked out was Iceage, who played with A Place to Bury Strangers and Lower at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The night was really gloomy and rainy—perfect for a dark Danish punk band! The crowd really went nuts for them and the mosh pit started during the first song. Lots of stylish punk kids and Europeans in attendance.

    Next up was Twin Sister and Ava Luna at 285 Kent. There was a great local fan turnout. The band recently got into a car accident so the guitar players from Twin Sister and Ava Luna could not perform. Andrea, the singer for Twin Sister, performed with a broken leg!


    We got into the Iceage secret show at Saint Vitus. This show was more intimate than the show the night before. The fans were a little more sophisticated and the pit was non-existent. But the audience was still cool and stylish.

    Pop.1280 at 285 Kent. The show was filled with great screamy goth metal and mosh pit action! 

    A few of us met for Black Flag at Warsaw, where we watched from above on the balcony, getting a great view of not just the band, but the crazy crowd below. 

    White Fence and Las Rosas at the BK Knitting Factory. Las Rosas consists of members of Brooklyn locals Wild Yaks, and their singer is from the Austin band Harlem. Overall, a great rock and roll show! 


    We started out the day with Phosphorescent and The Walkmen at McCarren Park, where we got out of the sun and into the Heineken tent, where we got to drink cold beer and snap photos of the some really rad outfits. 

    Afterwards was Son Volt at the Music Hall of Williamsburg We ended up going to this on a fluke, but this country band was actually pretty enjoyable. Not an aspirational crowd, but it was nice to see some diversity in the festival.


    The early afternoon started with Bambara at The Jameson Black Barrel Lounge at Villain (mmm, free whiskey). Afterwards we hung out with the guys and got to know them a little better (interview to come!).

    Solange and Petite Noir held down the last day of the weekend at McCarren Park, bringing together the best dressed crowd we saw all weekend. Lots of dancing, some more Heinekens and plenty of  "I LOVE YOU!!!"s shouted at the (arguably) cooler of the Knowles sisters.

    The Soft Moon played 285 Kent Great, and their name was a bit misleading! They're an industrial, post-punk, goth band. They did an encore set playing drums on folding chairs and plastic buckets which surprisingly worked up the croud! 

    Born Ruffians packed the Brooklyn Bowl, and had us dancing and singing like there was no tomorrow.

    The last show of the weekend was Light Asylum @Cameo Gallery. What a fun dance party! Some of us were turned away at the door, but for the rest of us, it was a great way to close out the festival.