• UO Live: Northside Fest

    Join us in Brooklyn for New York City’s largest music festival, Northside, featuring exclusive performances and vinyl signings with your new favorite bands.

    Space Ninety 8 (98 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY) Stage Line Up
    Saturday, June 14, 2014

    1:00pm-1:20pm: Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
    1:35pm-1:55pm: traumahelikopter
    2:10pm-2:40pm: Your Friend
    2:55pm-3:25pm: Neighbors
    3:40pm-4:10pm: Special Guests
    4:25pm-4:55pm: Piers (formerly Gondola)
    5:10pm-5:40pm: Special Guests

    For The Record Vinyl Signings at Urban Outfitters

    June 12, 2014
    2:00pm-3:00pm: Dev Hynes (signing Cupid's Deluxe) and Gia Coppola (signing Palo Alto soundtrack) (1333 Broadway, NYC, NY)

    June 14, 2014
    3:00pm-4:00pm: Eleanor Friedberger (98 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY)
    4:30pm-5:30pm: Eagulls (98 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY)

    June 15, 2014
    12:00pm-1:00pm: CHVRCHES (98 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY)

    We're excited to see the bands above play at our special Space Ninety 8 stage (98 N. 6th St.) on June 14 and at our various For The Record events, so we reached out to find out a little bit more about each of them.


    We are Joey & Sam (from New York), Isabella (from North Carolina), and Ricci (from Oregon). Joey and I (Ricci) met at a restaurant we were working at and started playing music immediately. We met Bella through a mutual friend and we met Sam while we were playing shows with his other band. We needed another guitarist and couldn't think of anyone else we'd rather play with than the shredding Mr. Yield.

    Our sound can be described as if Colin Newman (Wire) and Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) got together and tried writing an album like Tusk.

    On tour, we always have water, trail mix, and T-Rex (their entire catalogue).

    In Brooklyn, we tell everyone to visit Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

    A tourist spot we secretly love is The Chrysler Building. It's beyond beautiful. Whenever we see it peeking through the NYC skyline our faith is restored in our decision to move here. Also, the Staten Island ferry; grab some brews, ride around, and see Lady Liberty doing her thing. It's great!

    This summer we're looking forward to rooftop parties, riding our bikes, and RELEASING OUR ALBUM!

    We're currently listening to Swell Maps, John Fahey, The Walkmen, and Peter Murphy.


    (Photo credit: Sandy Kim)

    We are five young men from various parts of the north of England, who now reside together in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We all met from friendships going all the way back to when we were 5 years old, and the DIY scene from previous bands. We have since been making music together for the last four years.

    Our sound is described as "post punk" an awful lot, which we don’t particularly mind, but we’ve never really liked to label ourselves with any one thing. We try to focus on melody, energy and rawness when writing or playing.

    This current US tour has been very enjoyable so far, an eye-opener for us all as it’s our first time around America. We've met some very interesting people along the way and are glad to be able to show our music to people who have never heard it before.

    We've learned to pack light nowadays, just having all the basics helps. Lots of socks, lots of underwear, lots of music, lots of toothpaste and something to stimulate your brain in the van, like books, etc.

    As it's our first time in America, each day we’ve been getting history lessons from our American tour manager or fed facts about anything we pass from city to city. It’s been very interesting. Also, just meeting the locals at each place we play, we always look forward to that, taking in the different landscapes and just looking for things we young men from England have never seen in the flesh before.

    We're currently into a lot of Brian Jonestown Massacre in the van, The Smiths, Autobahn, Merchandise, Protomartyr, Blitz, Lou Reed, The Sound, Psychic TV, David Bowie, The The, Suede, These Immortal Souls, Al Green, and Future Islands.

    Eleanor Friedberger

    I didn't start playing music until I was 18; my brother gave me a guitar for Christmas and a 4-track tape recorder the following year. It wasn't until I moved to New York in the spring of 2000 that I attempted to play in front of other people. I started a band with a college friend, and when my brother moved to town several months later, he joined us and we called ourselves The Fiery Furnaces.

    I would describe my sound as steeped in (copy-catting) the records I bought as a kid at Second Hand Tunes on Oak Park Avenue, on the west side of Chicago, mostly from the 99 cent bin: Astral Weeks, Tapestry, Some Girls, This Year's Model, Combat Rock.

    On tour I make sure to have plenty of underwear and one outfit I won't wear on-stage to remember my non-tour self.

    In NYC I mostly like cycling around town, with a destination in mind. Socrates Sculpture Park and the Greek grocery store, Titan, in Astoria are current favorites.

    This summer I'm looking forward to going on tour in Europe, and then having a vacation. The trick is to make it all feel like a vacation, and it should be easy when I'm lucky enough to have shows in Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Norway. I'm very lucky.

    I'm currently listening to Cate LeBon, Vertical Scratchers, Tom Brosseau, School of Language, Deerhoof, and my incredibly talented bandmates - Icewater and Cassandra Jenkins.


    I am Noah and I am 30 years old, from VT, and have been living in Brooklyn for almost ten years. I started playing music when I was pretty young. I started with the drums but I was pretty bad at it and quickly transitioned to guitar. It was the '90s so I pretty much learned a bunch of Nirvana and Metallica songs and went from there. I started writing songs when I was around 15 and have been trying to write better ones ever since!

    I would describe us as an electronic band that makes sad songs about our feelings that you can dance to. A recent review of our last record called the album "A dance party for downers" and I thought that was a pretty good description.

    In NYC I always recommend Capri Social Club, which is a very old school bar in Greenpoint. It's usually pretty empty and the regulars are kind of surly old people who have been in the neighborhood for a long time. They have $1 Jell-o shots and 7oz mini Budwisers which are great for a light weight like myself. I also really like McGolrick park in Greenpoint. It's a lot less crowded than McCarren park and it's got a lot of trees so if you lay down and look at the sky it's got a killer canopy. For eating I think Kenka on St Marks is great. It's like a Japanese mess hall that just has such a great vibe. They have weird food like bull penis and turkey testicles and their ramen is great and their beer is cheap. At the end you get cotton candy which is a bonus.

    This summer we have some shows lined up for this summer that I am super excited for. I also just moved and my roof is going to be perfect to watch the fireworks on the fourth of July. They are back on the East River this year! (Up yours New Jersey!) Besides that I am just stoked about making music and hanging out with buds. There will probably be some grilling involved at some point too.

    I'm currently listening to a lot of different bands right now. I have been listening to the new Blood Orange record a lot and I think it's really great. Also, this band Saintseneca from Ohio who are fantastic. That new Sia song is my jam of the week, though. Her voice in those choruses!? Woof.

    In the future we're going to be playing over the summer and our newest album is coming out on vinyl soon. Other than that I have been writing a lot and hope to have new music to share soon!


    I started playing music because my Godfather is a musician and bought me an acoustic guitar. I learned to play ”A Horse With No Name." Shortly after that I got to playing around on my friends' turntables and got into juggling, cutting and all that. It took me a decade to get back to playing a guitar at all or singing for the first time but now I often start there and move onto the gear, after I have some words.

    I try not to describe my sound! Especially to myself. Thankfully language is not its mode of transmission. It describes itself, I hope. Generally one could say electronic 4x4 kicks with some confessional yellings. Some love songs. Some noise plane travels.

    On tour I always have linen shirts. They look better a mess.

    This summer I'm looking forward to
    working more on my record. Mostly because I'm touring a ton and playing bigger shows to bigger crowds than I'm used to. The response is giving me a lot of focus and love for what I'm doing.

    My favorite bands as a teenager were Violent Femmes, Renato Cohen, and Gangstar.

    I recently saw Factory Floor at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. The festival was amazing. Jagwar Ma and Deafheaven were also highlights. I'm just in love with all the bands that I met and saw at that festival. I've been whiningly ignorant of everything everyone is making in the world and I had such a... not rude, but a positive, jarring awakening.