• Nail Art with Floss Gloss: Round Two

    Janine and Aretha from Floss Gloss are back! Using inspiration from the Bazaaaaar Pop-Ups in L.A. and NYC, and products from our site, the duo has created three unique and easy-to-follow tutorials to get your nails on-trend just in time for summer. It's Round Two and we're even more excited than last week to try this out in the office! If you missed last week's nail art, make sure to try it out here!

    Janine: "This week I was inspired by the Della x UO Strapless Romper.

    The thing I love most about Africa Prints, which I mentioned last week, is that they are so organic in nature. So for any nail art skill level there really is no "wrong." I loved the heavy opaque dots in the rompers print. This is quick and hot nail art look. Perfect for time-conscious nail art babes.

    The Polish:  
    I used Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquer in Bassline, Glowstar, Wavepool, and Con Limon for the base colors (all colors are available here). I used Partybruise and Glowstar for the accent dots with my dotting tools and topped it off with Gloss top coat. Dotting tools can be purchased at local beauty supply, but also be found or made easily at home, for example: ballpoint pen, top of a dressmaking pin, toothpick, etc... get creative! 



    Con Limon

    The Steps:

    First, basecoat all nails—always!!

    For base color I've been obsessed with this mini french-tip-inspired nail—it's quick, easy and chic. I love wearing this alone in multiple colors when I'm in a rush and have bare nails or with nail art. Just apply a short swipe of the base color with the nail polish brush leaving half of your nail natural. Like last week, I chose to do a multi-hued mani. This adds more variety and color! You can stop here and choose to top coat or continue with nail art. 

    I used the lid to a jar for my pallet and dropped a bit of polish in each shade I'd be dotting with. 

    Begin dotting at the tip of the nail on the base color. A lot or a little—it's up to you. I chose to add more at the tip and work my way back to the cuticle adding dots sparingly to give a gradient effect. Play with multiple dotting colors, in different shades or glitter. Play with a full nail of base color, vary the size of dots, or add less... the possibilities are endless! Repeat on the other hand for a full mani or just play with various fingers.

    Finished! The result is a printed mani, sure to catch the eyes of all of your BFFs.

    Shop Floss Gloss and make sure to check back next week for Round Three!

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