• Nail Art with Floss Gloss: Round Three

    It's the final round of Janine and Aretha from Floss Gloss' nail art series! Using inspiration from May's Bazaaaaar Pop-Up shops (R.I.P.!), our favorite summer trends, and products from our site, the duo has created three unique and easy-to-follow nail art tutorials. To go out with a bang, they stepped their game for a great grand finale. With the experience you've gained from Rounds One and Two, you should be totally prepared to try out this awesome nail art guide like it ain't no thang.

    Janine: "For this week's mani I was inspired by the pronounced zig-zags in the Urban Renewal Drop-Waist Knit Dress.

    I'd been wanting to share some nail art with a little more difficulty, as well as a colorful mani that was playful with different kinds of simple patterns and lines.

    The Polish: 
    For this look I used Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquer in Bassline, Fastlane, Neon Nacho, Tanlines and Stun. (All Floss Gloss Ltd lacquers are available online at Urban Outfitters!) As well as a nail striper in white and the Gloss top coat. 




    The Steps:

    For the tutorial I'll be showing you how to achieve the design I did on my pinky, but the designs featured on my index and ring finger are very simple to mimic. Using the skills from Rounds One and Two of our collaboration, you should be able to easily attain these cute designs that could easily be worn alone. 

    Step One: Always, always base coat !

    Step Two: Select your base colors. Apply two coats of your desired color to each nail. I chose to use the 'geisha kiss' mani on my index finger, a two toned ring finger and a fully covered middle and pinky finger. You may do a solid base color, a french tip, or all glitter—get creative! I chose to use an opaque holographic glitter as an accent nail for some depth and easy bling. Even without a stitch of nail art, my mani already looks interesting and conversational. 

    Step Three: Start at the tip of the nail and create two V's. 

    Step Four: The point of the outer V ending right before mid nail. Create a large V opposite the previous Vs, with it's point extending into the point of the outer V. You should now have what looks like a vertical bow-tie. 

    Step Five:  Fill in the remaining negative space, or empty space, outside and inside the Vs filling the space with an all-over tribal like print. 

    Steps Six through Eight: Get liberal and go bold in your lines adding a color blocking effect or keep them thin and minimal. I personally like how the design fills the entirety of the nail, giving you a full coverage lace effect over the neon red base color. 

    Having fun with the rest of the nails!

    OMG, can the girls do tutorials for us forever and ever and ever?

    Make sure the base color and nail art designs are fully dry before top coating to prevent smearing. Apply the Gloss for a glossy and protective finish. 

    Try any of these designs on all 10 nails, four or just one for a statement!"


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    Check back next week for our exclusive interview with Janine and Aretha as we talk nail art, BFFS and killing it at the polish game!