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Nail Art with Floss Gloss: 'Mummy Mani'

Get creepy with these adorable Mummy Mani inspired nails! Wrap your self in your closest gauze/ace bandage, pull on your wired tights light up a couple of drip candles and lets ZOMBIE party! 

To achieve these mums you'll need a couple accessories.


1. Liquid Make Up Applicator sponge. (I like to cut mine down to maximize and manage use & waste!) 

2. A dotting tool (or head of a sewing pin) and a surface or pallet for a few paint swatches. In this case, my business card!

3. Black Nail Art Striper


Step 1: Base coat and base color! I used Floss Gloss Base Coat in 'Bassline' and 'Glowstar'.

Step 2: Select a color for the 'dirty' or 'bloody' bandages. I chose to use a blood orange inspired color. (Floss Gloss in 'Blood, Suede & Tears that UO no have :( ) Using your applicator sponge, dip or paint directly onto the sponge and apply sparingly to the nail. Leaving a mix of base color and faux 'blood'. 


Step 3/4: Using your the nail art brush create gestural lines to create the wrapped look of the mummy. Make sure to save a negative space for a space for the eyeballs to peek out of. 

Step 5: Fill in the desired eye placement.

Step 6: Using your dotting tool, dot two eyeballs (or one, for a cyclops look) in a contrasting light paint. I used the base color.

Step 7: Add some pupils! You'll need a few more colors for the final step…

Step 8: Move onto Step 8 with some finishing details, touches of red in the eyeball, highlights (try 'Neon Nacho!) on the bandages, or even add some more 'blood' for a flash of recent oozing! I used 'Glowstar' and 'Fastlane' for the fresh red.

Feel free to add some glitter, or less blood—just go with it!



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