• Nail Art with Floss Gloss: 'Ghoul Gang Mani'

    Janine and Aretha from Floss Gloss are back and ready to make things spooky! Equipped with their trusty nail polish and a few severed fingers, they will be bringing you some Halloween-inspired nail art. Let's get this party started with their first look: the Ghoul Gang Mani!

    "I've been really into drawing these lil' ghosts recently with Halloween approaching. I also have had Beetlejuice heavy in rotation (Winona forever!), so I've had the classic Keaton black/white stripe look on my mind! 

    Easily inspired by Tripp NYC Stripe Top Cat Jacket and Pant

    For this look, start with a basecoat (Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquer in Bassline) and/or a base color. I chose not to use a base color for the tutorial, but feel free to add. 

    Floss Gloss Bassline Base Coat Nail Polish

    Continue to Steps 1 and 2 using a black nail art striper brush. You can make your stripes closer together or farther apart.

    For Step 3, I used Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquer in Glowstar, to create the circle. I used the nail polish brush to achieve the shape. Continue to Step 4, and again use the nail polish brush to create little gestural "hands" and a ghoulish tail. 

    Floss Gloss Nail Polish in Glowstar

    Fill in for a fuller ghost shape in Step 5 and start to create the eyes of your pal with the black striper brush. I chose a more friendly looking expression, but there are many facial expressions to play with — get evil, get sad, get super kawaii! 

    Continue to Step 6 and draw in your next eye or wink. Step 7, fill in your outlined eyes and add a mouth! If you're feeling savvy continue to Step 8 for some more definition and add a thin outline to the body of your new friend. Top with a top coat (like Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquer in Gloss) for a glossy finish! 

    Thats it! Feel free to accessorize your ghoul, add some eyelashes or a cute bow... make some fangs or add some blood spatter!

    This design can be worn alone for an accent nail or try on two or three of your nails for a gang of ghouls!" —Janine

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