• Music We Love: King Krule "6 Feet Beneath the Moon"

    King Krule wasn't always King Krule. He used to be, or still is: Zoo Kid, Edgar the Beatmaker and, his given name, Archy Marshall. I first picked up on Archy Marshall in 2011, after hearing "Ocean Bed." "Ocean Bed" has now been re-recorded and released on his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, along with "Out Getting Ribs." If you listen closely, some parts have him doing his regular voice as a harmonic. Which is awesome.

    At first listen, the naive, 2011 version of myself was a little unsure about how I felt about Archy singing like he was on quaaludes. As I heard more, though, I was super hyped on this back-pocket artist I had discovered. Shortly after that, I saw that Zoo Kid was putting out an EP as King Krule. The self-titled EP became my favorite record at that time. To this day when I put it on, I think of that winter. I was new to Philadelphia and seemed to always have that playing.

    Back then, Archy was opening for Girls to back his recently released s/t EP. Archy played a great show. It was kind of sloppy, kind of seemingly unrehearsed, and that added to its appeal for me. After the set ended, I had an idea. I figured Archy was like me, and after playing a long set, he'd like to go outside and have a cigarette; chill for a minute, get back down to earth. So I went outside, looked around the corner, and there the super thin, ginger man stood with his band mates. At this point in his career, I'm assuming a lot of people didn't know who he was at all in Philly, let alone know his real name. I yelled "Archy," and he immediately walked over and talked to me. I geeked out, so what? It was awesome. I think I talked to him about vinyl and he didn't care and then walked away, kind of disappointed that I had wasted 4 minutes of his life. It was great.

    This next video is my favorite track of his. It's so emotional and flat at the same time. Kind of indifferent. 

    This last track is from 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, and you can clearly hear how Archy's sound has developed into this debut LP. He sounds confident, but still glum and super British. Although it's a lot more organized, it definitely still has that free range jazz thing going on all over the place. 

    Thanks, Arch. —Corbin

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