• Music Monday: September 9, 2013

    Music Monday! We'll let the music do the talking this week. —Corbin

    Tiedup – A Dance In The Dark 
    The market has been flooded with '80s-inspired female vocal tracks. This track stands out among them. I think confidant, well placed, well-written vocals is the key component to nailing the '80s dream track. They let the beat relax at the end, and roll it out slowly, kind of like the best part of Tears for Fears – "Everybody Wants To Rule The World." Sometimes getting that emptiness after it’s all been layered is exactly what you need. 

    John Wizards – Hogsback 
    World music, especially Afro-beat, isn’t as hard to come by as it used to be. Tracks like 'Hogsback' fuse polyrhythm with contemporary song structures and contemporary sounds. It’s nice and light and it builds; it really reminds me of Graceland in its entirety. Obviously that’s about as far from a bad thing as you can get. 

    Roosevelt – Elliot 
    Greco-Roman records is really beginning to stand out among the indie-dance labels. Joe Goddard is one of the co-founders, and early Disclosure and Hackman are among the top releases. Roosevelt Elliot EP is good all the way through, and it was tough to pick the best song, so I picked the title track. It’s a good summary of what Roosevelt is doing. Late night cool down dance, or early in the night buzz dance; it’s whatever mood you’re in. 

    Michael Beharie – Clara 
    I had never heard of Michael Beharie until I stumbled upon this Reach LP. 'April', the first track, really sets you up for a ride. Once you hit 'Clara' though, you’re convinced. There are a lot of Middle Eastern inspired, mystical sounding “IDM” artists out there right now, and this one, like Tiedup does to '80s dream pop, stands out among the others. 

    Son Lux – Lost It To Trying 
    Some songs you can’t just pick up in the middle and understand. Son Lux's 'Lost It To Trying' seems to be one of those tracks. They have a nice movement and youthful approach to the songs. Lost It To Trying is full of bells and whistles. It’s almost impossible to have an empty moment with a sound, which leads to the appeal of this sound. Kind of like Sigur Ros sonically.