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Music Monday: September 30, 2013

Welcome to Music Monday! Let's all usher in October with these totally rad tunes.

Movement – Us

This whisper-y, R&B style track is pretty great. Ben Khan (an artist whose track we chose for a Music Monday a few back) has a similar sound. It’s minimal, dark, and has some great vocals. It’s a good sound, and it has worked for a long time.

This is the first track I have discovered from this dude. It’s super retro and '70s sounding. The vocals have a nice effect that updates the whole sound quite a bit. It reminds me a lot of Ariel Pink. And speaking of Ariel Pink, check out this side project, The Samps and their track “Overnight Lo.”

This has a great flow to it. It’s reminiscent of Burial, who everyone's a fan of, and there's also a British guy rapping. Does it get any better?

"Unhappy" is a little out of character for Saint Pepsi. Their other releases are built of chopped funk and soul, almost giving you the idea that an MPC is in the mix primarily. This track is awesome, though: trap drums, good changes, and interesting structure. 

Once you hear the snare in this, you know what you’re in for. That’s all there is to say.