• Music Monday: September 23, 2013

    Welcome to Music Monday! Here are 5 tracks to get you groovin' this week!

    White Sea – They Don’t Know 
    This is a huge, HUGE track. The bells, the enormous vocals - such a full sound. By about halfway through you’re fully engulfed in anthemic, triumphant music. Years ago, we had a special Music Monday to release White Sea’s EP This Frontier. Check that out, and enjoy this new tune from White Sea. 

    Only Real – Get It On (Luxury Remix) 
    Luxury is new, and awesome, and it certainly helps that they’re backed by Disclosure. The track we were blown away by, "J.A.W.S.", is a dance floor killer. This remix is a bit more refined and not quite as energetic. Definitely check out "J.A.W.S." and this remix. Decide which one you like more, then sit on the edge of your chair anticipating the next release. 

    Marius – Rounds 
    Rounds is a nice psych trip 'round and 'round. (See what I did there?) It's chill and sounds vintage, but incorporates contemporary structure and sounds. The reverb on the bass drum is a nice touch. 

    Booka Shade – Love, Inc. 
    Booka Shade has always been really solid. Their last release in 2010 was kind of a let down, but "Love, Inc." is here to prove that Booka is still very relevant. It’s really all about the horns. The movie excerpt in the beginning is also a nice touch. This does it. 

    Blanche Blanche Blanche – I Just Wanna Know 
    This sound, the indie, punky, guitar, surf style is awesome. It takes a particular time to enjoy it. This one is a little more accessible than most surf-y indie. This is like Amoeba by Adolescents; it’s skate/surf punk, but it transcends the norm.