• Music Monday: October 7, 2013

    Happy Music Monday, and welcome to this week's picks! —Corbin

    Oliver Wilde - Stomach Full Of Cats
    There have been a lot of good releases on the "band" front recently. This track is very reminiscent of The Radio Department in vocals. Bored Nothing "Let Down" is also a very rad tune that has this shuffle guitar style going on as well. Oliver Wilde has a full soundcloud of fresh-ness, but this particular one is a gem.

    Blood Diamonds - Osaka
    Blood Diamonds has one of the best sounds in electronic right now. There's a well-placed use of steel drums, and everything is cohesive. Overall awesome producer. The B-side for the Grimes team-up, Ritual, is one of the most forward thinking tracks today, despite its age. Tracks normally last, what, one, maybe two months now?

    Crowd Shy - Let This Happen
    How does this only have 20 plays so far? It's been out for 5 days! This is an awesome electro pop tune that sounds like M83. It's pretty awesome and this dude has a bunch of other tunes in his soundcloud that are definitely amazing.

    Tal National - Wongharey
    Afro-Funk, or "Fuzz." These dudes are new and play afro-funk that sounds like '70s Benin sound. El-Rego and De Frank are two of my favorite afro-funk guys. You can start at Voodoo Funk if you like this sound. Or just listen to this whole Tal National record, Kaani.

    Pincers - A Sociopath to Fame
    This definitely has a sort of "artsy" singer songwriter thing to it. It's a good track; really well-produced sonically. Definitely looking forward to more from this artist.