• Music Monday: October 28, 2013

    Check out what we've got for you on this Music Monday! —Corbin

    Furns - Haunt Me
    "Haunt Me" is a killer little synth pop tune from Furns. It really reminds me of early Everything But The Girl with the vocals. If you haven't listened to this EBTG album, you should. It's a classic. They have an even newer song up on their Soundcloud that dropped a few days ago. Check it out and enjoy this chill Monday morning number. 

    John Talabot - Without You
    This tune is a new track off John Talabot's DJ Kicks which drops today. There are so many killer tracks on DJ Kicks. John Talabot also had the wonderful Fin last year, and we're looking forward to much more from him. 

    Begin - Elate
    This track isn't the newest, but it's always remained hidden for some reason. It's a nice synth ambient tune that always reminds me of fall. I originally heard it played as an opener to an awesome James Murphy DJ set. There isn't a lot of information on Begin but if you like this I would definitely check out the Oneohtrix record R Plus Seven. 

    SALES - Renee
    This is an innocent, autumnal track from SALES. It's simple but still has a lot of depth. The vocals are the focal point, but the underlying drum programming is also awesome. All of the SALES stuff is similar, but it's nice for a fall week when it's finally decided to stay chilly out. It reminds me a lot of one of our first Music Monday tracks, Aosoon "Under."

    Star Slinger - Free
    Star Slinger has been at it for a while, and I would say he's approaching veteran beat status at this point. Ta-ku and Kaytranada also have similar vibes if you're digging this tune and want to hear more. Happy Monday!