• Music Monday: October 21, 2013

    Check out what we've got for you on this Music Monday! —Corbin

    Cashmere Cat - Pearls
    Cashmere Cat is the guy for this sound. His Miguel remix is really solid, and his Wettex remix is one I always keep in my back pocket.

    Jungle - Lucky I Got What I Want
    Jungle has been releasing tracks every week or so now for a while, and Jungle's remix of MO from a month back is a great tune. It's all part of this Jai Paul, elusive Brit, RnB thing that's happening right now in the UK. Listen to the other tracks on Jungle's Soundcloud - they're all pretty similar, but in a good way.

    Insightful - Sour
    Insightful just dropped a whole LP-sized collection of tracks on their Soundcloud. Does anyone remember when James Blake sounded like this? Or when almost everyone wanted to sound like this? This whole LP is so good. This track is a nod to Untold - Stop What You're Doing (James Blake Remix).

    Lost Midas - Dance Monkeys (feat. NuTrik)
    Lost Midas has a full-length LP coming out mid-November, and if it all sounds like this, I'm totally in. 

    Benin City - Wha Gwan
    So, there's a lot to say about this sound. It sounds to me like a specific equation of sounds. Here's the equation:  LV feat Okmalumkoolkat - Boomslang + Ghostpoet - Liines + Young Fathers - Ebony Sky  =  this.