• Music Monday: October 14, 2014

    Welcome to Music Monday for October 14th, 2013! —Corbin

    Jaakko Eino Kalevi - No End
    Finnish artists are starting to really monopolize the feel-good Blues sound. If you only heard the first 10 seconds of this song you would think it was a long lost Fleetwood Mac song, for sure. This isn't the first release by Jaako, but this sound has progressed into a pretty masterful feel good "chugging."

    The Range - Life Like This
    This isn't the most recent release by The Range: Metal Swing dropped about a month ago and let us know that The Range is to be taken seriously as a producer. This track, however, has the Jungle resurgence that is popping up everywhere right now. Does anyone remember Zomby's "Where Were You In 92?" This should remind you if you've forgotten. 

    Shine 2009 - Running Around
    Who gets the credit here? Finland? Air France? The studio? The wonderful city of Helsinki? Shine 2009 have been releasing awesome feel good tunes for quite some time now. We are majorly looking forward to their full-length dropping soon. If this song doesn't turn your day around, then maybe you're going to need something stronger. Say Polyphonic Spree?

    Jim E Stack - Is It Me
    One of the best neu hip-hop remixes ever, has to be Jim E Stacks remix of "Drank In My Cup". This new tune from Jim E Stack has his consistently synthy and full range blows of chords. He has a really nice sound, and this track shows he's breaking out of the box quite a bit from his older Grime-RL, Big Hop stuff. Nice track, Jim, and I look forward to a lot more.

    New Dog - Smoking In The Living Room
    This track was sent to me as a new solo act (ex Metal Hearts). I took to this track right away; it's soft, which is a little out of character for Music Monday, but it's worth a listen. The other tracks on the Soundcloud are equally as chill. It comes and goes in two and a half minutes but is a great trip. Keep coming with the solid tunes, New Dog.