• Music Monday: November 18, 2013

    Music Monday! Let's all try to get through this week together. We're so close to Thanksgiving, y'all. —Corbin

    TCTS - These Heights
    Joe Goddard fronted Greco-Roman records has been releasing quality EPs left and right for months. TCTS was previously featured on Music Monday a while back with a remix they did, and this particular track is just as good. It has that disco-dancey-indie vibe that gets you ready for a Friday night or a Monday morning.

    Sons Of Kemet - The Itis (Micachu Remix)
    This track makes me think of the Avalanches' work. They're allowing a sample to stay very lo-fi but are still bringing it into a contemporary sound. This track grooves, and stays very easy on the ears throughout. Micachu is a new name for me, as is Sons Of Kemet. This will certainly encourage me to listen to the new Sons Of Kemet LP Sons.

    Sampha - Happens
    Where to begin with Sampha? SBTKRT? Drake? Sampha has been all over the place in the past year or two. First the SBTRKT LP with him on almost every track, and then the killer Drake track "Too Much." "Happens" was released as the B-side to the "Too Much" instrumental.

    Octa Octa - Further Out
    This track is a straightforward, late night clubber. This one is good once it gets its legs. With minimal dance tracks like these it almost takes "patience" to get to where you need to go with them.

    DrDr - Don't Break It  (KAASI Remix)
    This is one of those smoothed out, UK garage-dance numbers. Need I say more? I'm new to both artists present here, but it's good.