• Music Monday: May 26, 2014

    No more Monday morning excuses! Stop staring at the clock and start your work week out right with five hand-picked songs from our music stylist, Corbin, who wants to fill your brainwaves with summer-ready sounds and auditory illusions.

    DJ Dodger Stadium - Love Songs
    Pretty amazing new track from Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy on their Body High label. This is one track from the forthcoming debut LP Friend Of Mine. Really looking forward to this LP if it's full of this ravey-house goodness. The video for this track is also pretty neat. 

    Bloom - Daydream
    This is the first (!) track from Bloom and it is great. The band is from Winchester/London,  and the production is pretty spot on for this kind of sound; it's got that chill energy we are all looking for. 

    Lyon & Lowe - Like Oedipus
    This is reminiscent of Postal Service in more ways than one. Nice indie electronic stuff here. Love Our Records says an EP is coming mid-summer, which should be spot on for the heat and the long nights.

    Kyle Kimono - Sauna
    These nimble sounding indie tracks with perfect vocal placement drenched in reverb all get a big thumbs up. Recommended if you like: Beach Fossils, Real Estate, Wild Nothing.

    Lido - Money
    Do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and listen to this. Oslo, Norway gets really cold in the winter, so it sounds like they're taking advantage of the warm weather.