• Music Monday: June 16, 2014

    No more Monday morning excuses! Stop staring at the clock and start your work week out right with five hand-picked songs from our music stylist, Corbin, who wants to fill your brainwaves with summer-ready sounds and auditory illusions.

    TV Girl - Louise

    This is an excellent indie-pop track from TV Girl. It's very jolly and inviting all around, almost anthemic. This one is sure to lock in your head all week. 

    Bones – IfYouHadAZuneIHateYou (feat. Spooky Black)

    Except for the insane yell at the end of the track, this tune is Spooky Black all the way. Head to TeamSESH for the whole Bones mixtape, and go here to check out the first Spooky Black Music Monday track. (That yell at the end is very real, and all of us that have used a Zune can relate.)

    Christian Rich – Better To (feat. DWNTWN)

    It's always been a bit of an enigma how game-changing choirs are. This is a perfect example of that. What a killer dance pop tune here from the duo Christian Rich. 

    Kolsch – Cassiopeia

    Some sunset house here. Kolsch had the incredible 1977 LP last year, and this release we should see in full June 30th from Kompakt. 

    Baby Guru – Anticipation (Larry Gus Remix)

    This track is interesting and kind of goes all over the place. It's synthy, but then hits these strange patches of funk. Listen if you like: Studio, Air France, Lust For Youth.