• Music Monday: July 29, 2013

    No, this isn't a dream... we've brought the much loved Music Mondays back from the dead! With a new format relying fully on music-based websites like SoundCloud, we will be bringing you five awesome tracks every Monday morning to start your week out the way it's supposed to be started: with some awesome fuckin' music! Enjoy the second installment of our zombiefied feature and make sure to check back each Monday for the soundtrack of your week!

    Ben Khan - Drive (Part 1) 
    And now… another mysterious single on SoundCloud! Ben Khan has a lot of similarities to another artist whose debut LP was “stolen” and leaked a few months ago. His sound brings together all kinds of R&B elements like a great vocal hook and a smoothed out guitar track. We’re keeping an ear out for Ben Khan in hopes of hearing more of this magic in the near future!

    Blue Hawaii - The Other Day (Avalon Emerson Cybernetic Edit) 
    Avalon Emerson has been in the blog circuit for quite some time now with a solid handful of ‘90s-inspired dance originals. To add to her list are the Cybernetic Edits, and this particular edit—the most recent—is something to get lost in. It’s not very often that a seven-minute dance track can really suck you in ‘til the end, but this one certainly will. 

    AOSOON - Under 
    AOSOON is picking up a ton of speed off of their super recent EP release What Is This About. “Under,” the assumed single from the EP is fantastic. The delicate, youthful vocals, the vulnerable lyrics, and the thin (but well-placed) guitar strums don’t emerge into a lot more than you initially get, but some of the greatest songs are also the most redundant. For example: Washed Out’s “Feel It All Around.”

    Ellery James Roberts - Kξr✡u's Lament (犠牲)
    There have been a lot of ethereal, ambient, dream-synth “laments” recently, but a lot are missing something: Ellery James Roberts’ voice. This is a BIG track, both sonically and lyrically.

    Paula – Black Acura 
    Paula’s Relaxed Fit has the perfect amount of lo-fi, and just the right amount of charm. Having initially dropped the album last year, Etheral Sequences Records are reissuing this demo-like collection of pop tunes. “Black Acura,” the dead last track on the record, is anything but an after thought. Nice job, Paula! This is great.