• Music Monday: July 22, 2013

    No, this isn't a dream... we've brought the much loved Music Mondays back from the dead! With a new format relying fully on music-based websites like SoundCloud, we will be bringing you five awesome tracks every Monday morning to start your week out the way it's supposed to be started: with some awesome fuckin' music! Enjoy the first installment of our zombiefied feature and make sure to check back each Monday for the soundtrack of your week!

    Kriget - “He Lives In The Same Forest As Me
    The most recent drop from Kriget, hailing from Stockholm, is a lot more accessible than their previous releases—the horns make a great, almost “chugging along” feeling. 

    Mos Def - "The Light Is Not Afraid Of The Dark
    After Mos’ recent name change to Yasiin Bey, this track, produced by none other than Kanye West, is a classic nod to the Dilla-esque production of the late ‘90s. This one’s a little different than the newly-released Mannie Fresh team-up “Black Jesus.” 

    MO - "Waste Of Time (Jungle's OH MO Remix)"
    There’s not a lot to say about the mysterious artist Jungle, but having released two tracks, with no real information or backing (besides a killer track and a killer remix), this is someone to look out for in the future.

    EMTL - "Bind Me (TCTS Remix)"
    TCTS, aka Sam O’Neil, couldn’t be in a better place at a better time. With the sudden resurgence of “deep-house” driven by acts like Disclosure, there seems to be a house fever among clubs and the internet alike. 

    Adalita - "All Day Venus"
    This ‘90s grunge genre has been popular recently, but the vocal hook in “All Day Venus” sticks out like a sore thumb to me. It has the melody of Slowdive and the smoothness of MBV. Definitely on my list of “awesome things that sound like ‘90s shoegaze.”