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Music Monday: January 27, 2014

This week we've got some new tunes from Ghost Culture, Lorca, Tone Ra and more. Check them out below! Corbin

Ghost Culture - Guidecca (Edit)

This track makes me go "whoaaaa." It's really hard to know where to start with this one, but it's definitely gonna be in your head for a hot minute. It reminds me of Disintegration (the track, not the album).

Lorca - Naoko
Really on point house track here. It's one of those tracks where patience matters. It's heavy but bouncy and creates a sort of trance. These new deep house tracks are chill, technical, and remind me of everything Dusky does. (And sort of similarly, Lxury.)

Braxton/Palmer - I Did Something Wrong
This track is monster. Generally we try not to group up two tracks with hardly any vocals, but this seemed to flow well. Again, this is the kind of chill and technical deep house mentioned earlier with Naoko. This track really shines at the end. It's insane.

Tone Ra - Say Something
Here's Tone Ra doing a wonderful flip of Christina Aguilera vocals that I've never heard before. The vocal line sounds a lot like FKA Twigs - Water Me. This is a slow one, but pretty and pleasant. 

Surf Club - Until Then
I'm getting a rad, "'80s indie pop" vibe from "Until Then." Vocals are in a great spot, and the whole thing is upbeat and very present. It kind of makes you think of the new Washed Out record. Or even Sun Airway.