• Music Monday: January 20, 2014

    Here are five new songs to start your week off right (and to hopefully keep you warm through Polar Vortex 2.0). Enjoy! Corbin

    King Krule - Easy Easy (20syl Remix)
    20syl has done a wonderful flip of Archie's "Easy Easy." It has a nice Ta-ku bounce, and provides a nice new perspective on the song. This particular remix reminds me a lot of Oisima - Everything About Her (Ta-ku Remix).

    O'Kobbo - Only Thing To Do
    This track is gentle, and seems really perfect for this time of year. The end is really a stand out for me. Looking forward to hearing more from O'Kobbo.

    Jamies Bea - Right Away
    Is this Jai Paul? Good question, right?

    Very interesting new piece from Innovative Leisure. It's hard to put your finger on the sounds in this, but it's kind of jammy, kind of dancey, and kind of Bonobo-ish. This jazz trio from Toronto are onto something. 

    Casino Times - Principles
    And finally, here's a deep house number to seal the deal on this Music Monday. It won't be hard to get into this one.