• Music Monday: February 17, 2014

    Boy, have we got some jams for you this morning! You're going to have a bit of trouble sitting still at your desk, so just let it happen: Bop your head, tap your feet and air guitar the first half-hour of the day away! Corbin

    Todd Osborn - 5thep
    Just give this a listen and try to stay in your seat. If you're not in a seat, get nuts. TUNE.

    Odesza - Sun Models feat. Madelyn Grant
    Odesza, the chill-wave meets driven-trap bounce artist, has a killer new tune here. What makes this stand out even more than his already killer Summer's Gone LP is the vocal integration. Hopefully this new tune is an indicator that more is on the horizon. 

    Gardens & Villa - Bullet Train
    Here's a nice and poppy indie RnB tune from Secretly Canadian. This is the kind of track that really makes you look into the full-length. Luckily their Dunes LP is consistent with this goodness.

    Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite
    As usual, Todd Terje has churned out a super rad nu-disco/funk gem. This thing rolls on and on in the best way possible. If you haven't yet checked out his Essential Mix from last year, now's your chance. It's like this but two hours long.

    Kappa Kavi - Yami - No - Kami
    This one is for the Hemsworth and Cashmere fans. This track is a good example of the glowy, stuttering, pitched vocal thing that's happening in music lately. The end really makes you want a drop, and the whole thing is on point.