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Music Monday: December 2, 2013

Here are five tracks to pump you up for your Cyber Monday shopping spree! —Corbin

Grizzly Bear - Will Calls (Diplo Remix)
Diplo has remixed an otherwise low-key Grizzly Bear track, adding heavy trap vibes that just touch on the border of an EDM song. The usage of all the components together in this remix are amazing, especially the puffs of synth that hit with the drums. Seeing as how the original of this track is pretty great, this is a good way to hear Diplo work his magic.

We Are Shining - Wheel
We Are Shining (not to be confused with the Norwegian jazz-metal band, Shining) released a song "Hey You" about a year ago. It was a solid afro-rhythm over-toned three minutes of heaven. This track stays consistent with their rude boy Afghan-British sound. Good track. They also preformed a pretty awesome session for Boiler Room

SALES - Tonka Time
Music Monday saw another SALES track some time ago, "Renee." "Tonka Truck" is a little dreary—reminiscent of Memoryhouse demo's—and chugs along well. It's a pleasant sound that's easy to get lost in. Even if it was seven minutes long, that would probably be fine for everyone. 

Sunbeam Sound Machine - Cosmic Love Affair
Another Australian band staying true to form with another washy indie rock song. This has a wonderful shoegaze, almost Americana-Mazzy Star sound. We'll be looking for more from Sunbeam Sound Machine in the future!

Pandreas - Rås
This track has a spacey-disco existential thing going on. If I had to add two bands together to equate their sound, I would choose Jon Hopkins + The Field. The other tracks Pandreas has up are pretty awesome and just as warm as this one.