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Music Monday: December 16, 2013

Sure, it's Tuesday, but we did our Best Of Music Mondays yesterday, so we decided to save this Music Monday for a very special, day late Tuesday treat. Enjoy! —Corbin

Burial - Hiders

Come Down To Us.

headaches - Snacks
This is a chill house tune from Landon Speers. It has a warm vibe, perfect for the freezing cold. This song is light and repetitive - great to get lost in for a few minutes. 

Nate Connelly - You Echo
Nate Connelly has the sultry post-RnB thing going on in a real way. This track is slow and soulful, and you get pulled through it by Nate's well-placed vocals. Nate has released a bunch of different stuff recently, all on his Soundcloud page.

Northern American - Wander
This track has a college feel to it, and the percussion break in the middle is pretty awesome. This is reminiscent of early Bloc Party, and, of course, Vampire Weekend. (Vampire Weekend owns the term "college indie rock.")

Round - Glass
This track has been haunting me since the John Talabot DJ-Kicks hit a few weeks ago. It may be the best track on there, but there's no information on it whatsoever. Maybe it's Burial? Maybe it's Jai Paul? Maybe it's Yeezus? We'll have to wait and see.