• Music Monday: August 5, 2013

    Hello and welcome to Music Monday! It's August, y'all, and it's hot, so here are some new tunes to pump while you're blasting the AC and hydrating like crazy. Keep checking back each Monday for the soundtrack of your week!

    The Samps – Overnight Lo 
    More often than not, Ariel Pink offshoots are so solid you wonder "Where do they find the time to make this all this original, dissimilar material?" The Samps are a perfect example of this. The combination of acoustic sampling and choppiness make a super smooth, almost Yacht Rock feeling track. Having put out a debut EP in 2010, we are awaiting a full-length from them coming late August containing pre-released and unreleased material, like this gem. 

    Chloe Howl – No Strings (Brolin Remix)
    It seems that being enigmatic and producing “bedroom” beats are becoming synonymous. We should all blame Daft Punk for that. Brolin thus far has a solid catalog of originals and remixes. The originals are all named after cities but don’t seem to have any correlation to the vibe of the cities. This particular remix smooths out an otherwise poppy tune from Chloe Howl. There is something to be said for electronic music and repetition, isn’t there? 

    Cyril Hahn – Raw Cut
    Cyril Hahn is by no means a new comer to the deep house sound. He has an amazing collection of tracks, notably his remixes. The Destiny’s Child "Say My Name" flip, and his take on Gabrielle Alpin "Please Don’t Say You Love Me" are just two to pick from the slew. "Raw Cut" is sparse, but holds enough momentum to really bring it in at the end. Be patient with this one, it’s worth it. 

    Butter the Children – Spit It Out 
    Songs that can get in and out in 2:27 are a success. At first, the rigid, super '90s post-punk takes you away, and then before you know it, a wonderful, pleasant, almost Courtney Love-esque part salutes shoegaze and post-punk to the fullest extent. It’s good to see solid Brooklyn bands in what seems to be their natural habitat. 

    Diana – Perpetual Surrender (Four Tet Remix) 
    It’s hard to mentally prepare yourself for a Four Tet remix – in a good way. The favorite, at this point, Ultrista – Small Talk (Four Tet Remix,) has a similar sound to this remix. Spiraling pitchy vocal loop, solid 4 on the floor drums, smoothed out, but with such solid contrast. Just when you think you’ve hit the wall, a sax comes in. I mean, come on. I’m so glad this is 7 minutes long.