• Music Monday: April 28, 2014

    No more Monday morning excuses! Stop staring at the clock and start your work week out right with five hand-picked songs from our music stylist, Corbin, who wants to fill your brainwaves with summer-ready sounds and auditory illusions.

    DJ Rashad - Somethin' Bout The Things U Do (ft. Gant Man)
    In honor of DJ Rashad, who unfortunately passed away this weekend, here's an incredible song from his newest EP.

    Doss - Here Tonight
    A dreamy new EP from Doss is out tomorrow via Acéphale. Check out a really standout remix of Doss here. 

    Alvvays - Archie, Marry Me
    Here's a really nice shoegaze/indie track from Alvvays. This track sounds like it stepped straight out of Empire Records. Like seriously. We'll be looking forward to more from Alvvays. 

    tshima - Bird (ft. Nick Risola)
    This one from tshima is super dope and very reminiscent of The Range. There are a bunch more killer tracks available from tshima over on their Soundcloud

    Pizza Boys - Sharing
    Pizza Boys appear to only have two tracks available right now, but they're both awesome. If you are into Beach Fossils or Slowdive, definitely check out Pizza Boys.