• MTV Spring Break Performances

    Remember when you were 12 and MTV was awesome? Me too. I'd sneak into the living room after school and put the Spring Break special on super, super low volume because it was so scandalous. My mom would have for sure grounded me if she had known I was watching girls get whipped cream bikinis (that was a thing, right?). Watching all the musical performances made me feel cool and hip, and I dreamed of the day I would turn 18 so I could go PaRtY at the MTV Spring Break house. If I had realized that Spring Break mostly just consists of throwing up and not looking as good as Ashanti in a bikini, then I wouldn't have been so pumped.—Katie

    Fat Joe Featuring Ashanti "What's Love"
    When people talk about the '60s being the heydey of music I'm just like, "But what about Fat Joe?" Because maybe I don't remember where I put my keys 15 minutes ago, but I absolutely still know every single word Fat Joe raps in this song.

    Primus "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver" 
    Primus was legit, y'all. Even at Spring Break.

    Ginuwine "Pony"
    Maybe this is the greatest thing I've seen all month, I don't know. Like, Ginuwine is singing "Pony" and he's wearing a silky purple shirt. IS THIS WHAT HEAVEN IS?

    Radiohead "Creep"
    It's killing me that at one point Radiohead actually stood next a pool and performed "Creep" on MTV. Also, 1994 Thom Yorke dresses like a blonder, 2013 version of me.

    Missy Elliott "Gossip Folks/Work It"
    I am like, two inches from my computer screen watching this shit right now because there are so many amazing things happening in this clip. First of all, it's Missy Elliott. Second of all, that little girl dancer is there! What ever happened to her?! Thirdly, the fashion show filled with sporty, tiny bikinis is giving me life. God, if only I had been 18 and hot in 2003, I could have participated.