• Movie Style: The Science of Sleep

    I hadn't seen The Science of Sleep since my freshman year of college, when I thought I was smart and artsy but didn't get it. Now that I am old and totally smart and artsy I watched it again and... still didn't really get it, but I'm pretty sure the point of the movie is that if you're chic and sexy and French, like Charlotte Gainsbourg, you can basically wear any old drab thrift shop looking thing and still be super chic and sexy and French. Also, in your dreams you can wear whatever crazy shit you want and it's all good. That applies in real life, too, because who cares but also because maybe being awake is actually dreaming and dreaming is the real world!

    Anyway... everyone in this film has a general uniform of a few items they wear in different iterations. There's probably some like, thematic, symbolic reason why, but who has time to figure that shit out? All I'm thinking about is how dreaming is tight and can it be fall now? I want to buy sweaters and hang out with Charlotte and smoke cigarettes in France. Can that just happen now? Angelo

    Charlotte makes grandma sweaters sexy. 

    "What are you wearing?" "It's punk." Don't mind that play button, it's supposed to be there, I swear. 

    You wouldn't even be mad if your mom dated a guy in a leather vest because leather vests are dope. 

    These people are supposed to be boring and drab but they're French so they're actually mostly on point. 

    Another awesome Charlotte sweater.

    Wow, it's not even a sweater, it's a badass sweater dress. 

    Oof, it's a hot ass sweater dress. 

    But this guy is an asshole, as indicated by the striped sweater. 

    Back to the gold ol' granny knit, phew. 

    Just driving a cardboard car, nbd. 

    Sweater dress again, nothing makes sense! But paired nicely with the parka. 

    Here's a different knit. What does it mean?!? 

    Andddd let's end on this guy because he's a badass.

    Basically, we should all just buy some sweaters.