• Movie Style: Pecker

    Pecker combines many of my favorite things: photography, thrift shops, nudity and Christina Ricci. John Waters' 1998 cult classic is the darkly comic story of a Baltimore teen (played by '90s champ Edward Furlong) who gets exploited by the seductive New York art scene. But that stock description makes it sound boring, which it's not. Pecker is one of the most stylish and irreverently quotable movies I've seen, and is one of the main reasons I first picked up a camera.

    The film doesn't take itself too seriously, which should be evident in the images below,  but don't miss the accurate jabs at the flimsiness of art stardom and the emphasis on staying true to your priorities even when eyeing ridiculous profits. And pubic hair. There's a lot of that, too. Anyway, the caps can give you a better argument for seeing this movie than words ever could. Now go out and find this in a bargain bin for like, $5. And if you want to emulate Pecker like I did back in the day, you can find his signature camera, a Canonet rangefinder, on eBay for less than $100.Angelo