• Model Moment: Jade McSorley

    Meet Jade: Model, yoga lover and Sigur Rós enthusiast. Here, she talks about traveling the world, searching for great vintage and what you might catch her doing when she's not too busy working.
    Interview by Ally Mullen

    Introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from originally and where you live now.
    Hi! I am Jade McSorley. I’m from the North of England and I’m here in New York just for a few months.

    What are you doing in New York?
    I’m here with my agency, One Management.

    Before the interview, you mentioned your blog. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
    Yes, I have a blog called Sold Out. Basically it’s about vintage clothes because I get to travel a lot, so when I go to Italy or Paris there’s always amazing vintage shops and I’m a bit obsessed with vintage. I worked in a vintage shop, before I started modeling, for three years. My collection is a bit mental now. It’s kind of gone beyond me. I’ve got too many clothes! So yeah, I just blog about all the fun finds that I see on my travels. There are some amazing pieces out there.

    Where do you think is the best country or city to shop for vintage?
    I’d say that New York is pretty good if you find the right vintage stores, but Paris is amazing for cheap vintage, especially in Le Marais. There are places where you can go and get vintage, but it’s a bit crazy. Like, you’ll find loads of people in this one room—it’s like a cattle market. Everyone’s rummaging around and you’re kind of a bit scared for your life. And then in Milan you can get really good vintage. It’s quite expensive there, but it’s really good designer stuff.

    Where’s the best place you’ve been sent for work?
    I don’t know what the best place is. Istanbul was pretty amazing. It was just totally different than anywhere I’d been before. It was really serene. I went for a job but I asked to stay for an extra few days, so I got to just walk around. That was really different. I went to the Grand Bazaar, it’s like an indoor market but it’s full of tunnels. And everyone said, “Don’t go alone, you’ll get lost.”

    Did you get lost?
    Of course! But I made it out.

    Do you get to do any traveling on your own?
    I do try and travel outside of work. I do a lot of yoga and I surf so I try and go around Europe when I’m home and go and do a bit of surfing and go to like a yoga retreat to chill out. Gosh, I sound like such a model, don’t I? I love doing that, though. It chills me out a bit. But most of the time I’m traveling and working so I don’t really have that much time to travel. I’d love to do something for like six months to a year and just go away and travel. Maybe one day.

    Where are some of your favorite surf spots?
    France is quite good. I’m not a really pro surfer, so I go for small waves. But Biarritz in France is a really good place. I really want to go to this place in Barbados that’s like a surfing school, so I might go this year.

    Jade, featured here in our "UO x Kekkon: The Maxi Tube Dress" April Fools video.

    What do you do on a weekend night if you don’t have to work?
    Well, if I’m in Brooklyn I usually just hang out with my friend, another Northern girl named Abi Fox. She’s a model too, so we usually just go out and have drinks and go dancing to a Spice Girls melody or something. I’ve been seeing a lot of Brooklyn and going to different areas. And doing tons of vintage shopping. And I’m going to a gig this week—it’s a Scottish band called The View. They’re kind of like pop-rock.

    Is that the kind of music you’re into? Who is your favorite band?
    My favorite is 
    Sigur Rós, I just saw them at Madison Square Garden and Coachella! [Editor's note: I ran into Jade emerging from the massive crowd during Blur and got to see her at her fest best!]

    Where can we learn more about your time at Coachella?
    My Coachella diary!

    Thanks Jade!