• From the Men's Catalog: Nate Lacoste

    We tapped Vancouver, BC based skater Nate Lacoste to be in our latest men's catalog, photographed by Jason Nocito in NYC. Here, he answers a few questions.
    Interview by Lorin Brown

    Who are some of your early influences in skateboarding?
    My early influences were my friends and all the kids we used to skate with back when we all first started. We all use to look up to the older guys that made skating look fun and natural. I thought it looked so cool, I just remember these teenagers skating past my house when I was super young. I wanted to do that with my friends. 

    What are your favorite spots in Vancouver? 
    Boring but true, I would have to say my favorite night spot in Vancouver is sitting around the kitchen with my roommates and friends alike drinking and listening to music. If you want to get outdoors, anywhere outside the city limits is a pretty good bet. 

    Who is someone making noise in Vancouver right now? 
    My roommate Nicholas Dirksen has a Band going thats fucking up the scene in Vancouver big time. They're called the Silver Skeleton Band and they truly rule. Check them out. Trust me, there gonna blow up. 

    What outside of skating has influenced you as a skateboarder?
    Most water sports, like kayaking, or tubing behind a speed boat on a lake in the summer. 

    What's your favorite skate shop?
    Anti-Social in Vancouver because its the best. 

    Since you're always on the go, what are five things you must have with you at all times?

    1. Camera (digital & film)
    2. New socks
    3. Moleskin
    4. An open mind
    5. Skateboard

    What's something we should know about your newfound modeling career?
    That it was my first photo shoot off of my skateboard. 

    Can you give us a couple tracks from your skating playlist?
    Brian Eno, "Baby's on Fire"
    Silver Skeleton Band, "Bijoux"
    Thee Oh Sees, "Warm Slime"

    Where can we check you out online?
    or on Instagram: @natelacoste

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