• (Photo via Diane Sagnier)

    Melody's Echo Chamber

    Near the end of 2012, word got out about Melody Prochet of Melody's Echo Chamber, a dreamy Parisian songstress who released her self-titled debut this past September, recorded in Perth, Australia. Melody's sound is nothing like I've ever heard before; it is a wonderful mix of '60s French pop and fuzzy psychedelic rock that sounds like it came from another world. - Maddie

    How did you become interested in music and songwriting?
    My dad was a bass player in an Italian rock band in the '70s and my brother was a Jean Michel Jarre fanatic and synthesizer nerd. They gave me the disease, I think.

    When did you decided to form your own band, and where did the band's name come from?
    I started recording my own songs at my brother's home studio when we were teenagers and then I always kind of wrote music and collaborated with different producers and musicians. I named my band after a dream I had in which my bedroom's acoustic had changed into infinite echo mode and my voice resounded endlessly and woke me up. The idea stuck with me.

    (Photo via Diane Sagnier)

    Your music has a poppy, psychedelic sound that is all your own. Who or what inspires your music?
    A million things really, but first of all my music is very instinctive and emotional. I've been really inspired in Perth where I recorded most of the record at producer (and Tame Impala vocalist) Kevin Parker's studio. That city is the most isolated place in the world! It has a very summery and salty vibe, unique luminosity, amazing beaches and all these crazy creative artists that are not influenced by the rest of the world.

    What are your three favorite records that you could pop into the player any time?
    Selda Bagcan's Selda (Finders Keepers Records); Suicide's self-title album (Red Star Records); and Broadcast's The Noise Made by People (Warp Records).

    (Photo by Diane Sagnier)

    Aside from music, what are some of your other interests?
    I'm really into meditation these days! I gifted that awesome book David Lynch wrote about transcendental meditation/creativity/consciousness to my friend and I've been obsessed with it since and stealing it back to read. Also reading on the beach, chilling in hammocks with ginger beer and playing grip-ball.

    Melody's Echo Chamber is out now on Fat Possum.