• MDBP Interview: Matt & Kim

    Matt and Kim were one of the many bands that played Mad Decent Block Party in Los Angeles over the weekend, and they seriously put on one damn good show. We sat down on the floor of the green room with them to talk about how they like recording things their own way, aka wearing no pants, and one of the craziest gigs they had in Brooklyn recently.
    Interview by Maddie Sensibile

    Hi guys, introduce yourselves!
    Matt: I'm Matt.
    Kim: And I'm Kim.
    Both: And we're Matt and Kim!

    You have a new record out, Lightning, that I feel mixes almost every type of sound, but is still a true Matt and Kim record. What was your favorite part about making the record?
    Matt: I think it was the fact that we made it at home, so I didn't have to put on pants.
    Kim: There were hardly any pants being worn.
    Matt: Pants percentage was somewhere at like 20% of the album in pants.
    Kim: Which was probably too much looking back.
    Matt: I wonder if next time if we do it at a studio if it'll be kosher...
    Kim: I'm just wearing a thong next time.

    You've been on the festival circuit all summer, what was one of the best gigs you have played in the last few months?
    Kim: It's hard to say that because it's never usually the same for us. If you're having a bad day, or if something is wrong, you know, like my cymbal stand keeps messing up or something, it can easily pull you out of a show. But you know, one crowd may get super crazy and you might fuck up a lot, but that's still a great show. Its hard to say. Bonnaroo was awesome. At Outside Lands, we got this dude to crowd surf all the way up the hill. It's tough to say which are the best ones.
    Matt: But sometimes I feel like there will be a really great show that we'll read as a great show, but then yeah, like Kim said, there can be something very internal, like something about it that felt off.
    Kim: I feel like our crew is always talking us out of being a little sad that we didn't do so great.
    Matt: We have always been far from perfect. Maybe it's a goal, but we'll never get there.
    Kim: You set a high goal for us!
    Matt: So, I'm just saying we're about a certain energy that glosses over mess-ups and those general kind of things you laugh through.

    Matt and Kim performing at Mad Decent Block Party LA.

    What are you guys most excited for today at Mad Decent?
    Kim: I want to see if I can get someone to crowd surf naked again.
    Matt: No, don't do that again please. I only say that because it's illegal, and she did it at Mad Decent Block Party Brooklyn and the security got so angry at her!
    Kim: Okay, but we were recently at the Music Hall in Brooklyn, and I was talking to the security dude, and he was laughing with me and gave me a hug. He said I was crazy!
    Matt: I couldn't tell what was going on, but this dude jumps over the barricade into the audience, and the audience just disperses in every direction, because nobody wants this naked dude to touch them, and I think he was pretty drunk or something, but he tried to jump back over the barricade the other way, and totally just fell on his face because no security would catch him because nobody wanted to touch him.
    Kim: I would just like something crazy to happen.

    Since you're constantly on the road, what are a few albums or songs that you have to take on trips with you?
    Kim: I have a whole playlist that I listen to while warming up that has a variety of things that I can shake it to.
    Matt: Shaking is very important.
    Kim: I'm very superstitious, and I'm trying to get out of it. I think it goes back to when I was younger - I did a lot of sports, and I think that kind of makes you that way. For a while I had to wear the same type of underwear. There's certain things that I have to listen to. Let's just say though, that Spank Rock "Car Song," has been on my list.

    Aside from the new album, you also have a remixes album for Lightning being released. Were there any artists you specifically liked working with for this second record?
    Matt: The interesting part about doing that, or the cool part, is that we're both a couple of real control freaks. We self-produce and record most of our stuff and have no outside influence other than our own thing, so it's cool to give the raw tracks of a song to someone to see what happens with it, to let the control go. So many really inspiring songs came back from Salva, from your brother...
    Kim: My brother did a song!
    Matt: From Bonde Do role, Young Skeeter... There's one by Jingle Punks which is like a classical version of a song. It's all done with string players and stuff like that, and then there's a reggae version of something - it's just really interesting to do.
    Kim: I feel like it goes for us, we are whatever we decide we want to be. If there's an album we want to get really crazy on, we never stay to one thing. That's what I like about the remix album. It wasn't a specific type of music, it was like let's see what these people can do, they're totally opposite, let's see what they can come up with. It's a cool collection.

    Do you have anything in the works that you're excited about that you can tell us a little bit about, any new material or things like that?
    Kim: We tour 'til mid November, then we're gonna take a break and work on some stuff.
    Matt: We have sort of an audio sketch book of different ideas, I'm really excited about whatever the hell will come next. Right now it's just hanging out in the sun, playing shows.
    Kim: Did you put on sunscreen?
    Matt: Yeah, I'm caked up!

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