• March Is Music Month: Small Spaces with The Dove and the Wolf

    Paloma Gil and Lou Hayat, better known as The Dove and the Wolf, live and work out of Philadelphia, PA. Here, they show us how they keep their small spaces cute, whether it be their home or studio.
    Photos by Anna Ottum

    Hi guys! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? Where are you from? How did you end up in Philly?
    We’re from Paris, France. We went on our first US tour at the end of 2014 and decided to stay. That tour took us to 35 cities all around the country and we remembered Philly as being our favorite one so we wanted to give it a try and we ended up moving here. 

    What are some of the best things about living and working out of Philly?
    We don’t really leave our neighborhood that much (Fishtown / Kensington) and it’s so convenient. Most of our friends live close by, our bandmates do too, we have a rehearsal space / studio that we can walk to. Coming from Paris, we’re used to being able to walk everywhere and not having to drive. 

    What do you like about its music scene?
    It feels like a community. We all kinda know each other and it feels very supportive. There is a lot happening in many different genres and there’s always something going on. It’s truly inspiring. People seem to really care about music here. And it’s cool to see a radio station like XPN being so involved in the local music scene.

    Do you have a favorite venue in Philly? What do you like about it?
    Probably Johnny Brenda’s. We love seeing shows there, playing there, we always run into friends there, it’s by our house, they have $3 Kenzinger and really good fries. 

    Who are some of your musical inspirations currently? What makes them important to you?
    We listen to so many different things but for the new music that we’ve been working on, we’ve definitely been inspired by pretty chill records with very little dynamic changes and with a lot of space, like Frank Ocean’s last record, Andy Shauf’s ‘The Party’ or Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Carrie and Lowell’. We’re also very inspired by Air, Sade, but mostly our hero/mentor/big brother Nightlands. You can just follow us on Spotify if you want to know what we listen to, it will probably be a lot of Boyz II Men. 

    How do you make your small space work at home? Any decorating tips for someone living with a roommate?
    We honestly don’t own a lot of stuff (in terms of furniture and clothes) cause we’re always on the move and we don’t know how long we’ll stay in one place. Putting a mirror in a small room is always a good way to make it seem bigger.

    Where do you like to find most of your décor/furniture? Any tips for finding good deals? 
    Definitely antique stores. We follow Jinxed on Instagram and have definitely gotten a lot of stuff from them. But don’t follow them otherwise you might see the good stuff before us and that wouldn’t be cool.

    Is there anything you disagree with when it comes to décor? How do you blend both of your aesthetics?
    Haha… no we don’t disagree about anything when it comes to décor. We’re French and have similar tastes and we also don’t care enough to disagree on stuff like that. 

    What are some of your favorite possessions/furniture items?
    Probably our records.

    What’s your favorite thing about your home? 
    We have a projector in the basement and watch movies there all the time. We used to go to the movies a lot back in Paris because we had an unlimited movie card but there are not that many movie theaters in Philadelphia so we just have screenings at home. An other favorite thing about our home: definitely its location. 

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