• LSTN 12: Twin Shadow

    Twin Shadow is the one man enterprise of George Lewis Jr., with big hair, that mustache, dramatic choruses and deep, rich voice. We caught up with him as he was hanging out in Berlin, and he tells us about the creepiest moments of twindom. 

    Forget seems to have some heavy ‘80s pop influence in there, was that at all intentional? 
    It wasn’t really intentional, I love synth-pop from the ‘80s but I didn’t have any one sound I was going for on the record. I happened to be borrowing some synths and just wanted to indulge a bit. 

    What have you been up to? 
    Hanging out in Berlin. 

    What track are you most proud of? 
    "Forget," because I feel like it wrote itself…it just came out. 

    What was the music scene like growing up on Florida? 
    There was no scene in my town aside from a little ska and punk spot, but I used to travel to Tampa to see concerts: hardcore, metal, jam– whatever we could get in to see. I would mostly hang at a dance club called Da Vibe. Oh god. I would also dance to Atlanta’s hip-hop and R&B. 

    Who are some of your favorite new bands? 
    Tame Impala, Hooray for Earth, Bear in Heaven, Ariel Pink, Glasser, Fever Ray, Mathew Dear and The Dream. 

    The name Twin Shadow comes from having a twin sister. Do you ever have weird twin moments? 
    Oh yeah, we both had a dream about a school shooting on the same night, which was creepy. 

    Since you were named one of Time Out New York’s most stylish New Yorkers, what fashion rules do you live by? 
    Change it up when your pocket’s thick. 

    What’s a favorite recent purchase? 
    I bought a sick black leather jacket in a letterman jacket style, and some roper boots. 

    What does your apartment look like? 
    A mess! It needs some serious TLC. 

    What has been your most frightening or fun touring experience? 
    Well telling you would put us in a weird place. Facebook has made the gossip world too small, so let’s just say we met some creeps out there in old America.  "The 13th Floor" at the Circus Cirus in Las Vegas was also genuinely scary.

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