• Look Of The Week: Melissa Mathewson

    Here's our favorite look of the week: We have been obsessed with Melissa's jacket for months, and this week we were finally able to capture it on film!

    Introduce yourself! What do you do for UO?
    Hi! My name's Melissa Mathewson and I'm the PR assistant at UO.

    Loving your outfit today. Can you tell us what you're wearing?
    The jacket is from Anthropologie, top is vintage, denim shorts are One Teaspoon, boots are vintage and the jewelry was collected throughout the years.

    If you could only wear one outfit every day (like Doug Funnie), what would your outfit consist of?
    Probably a lot of denim (I love a good Canadian tuxedowho doesn’t?) and tons of jewelry!

    So, are you pumped for summer outfits now that it's getting warm again, or are you going to miss winter & layering (& that jacket)?
    I have never been so excited for warm weather, EVER. I love wearing shorts and sandals. The less clothing the better, so I am definitely excited summer's here! Don’t worry though, that jacket's not going anywhere.

    Where can we find you online?
    You can find me on instagram @melissamathewson. (Warning: Dogs and food are my weaknesses.)