• (Photo credit: Scott Shire)

    Looks Of The Week: Khandice and Davida

    Khandice and Davida, two of our Atlanta store employees, were both looking so good, we had to feature them both!

    Hey ladies! Can you tell us what you do at Urban Outfitters?
    D: I'm the WACC team lead at the Atlanta store.
    K: And I'm a part-time women's sales associate!

    Can you tell us what you're wearing and let everyone know who's who?
    D: I'm the one with the straight hair and I'm wearing the Nom De Plume by YaYa cut out maxi dress.
    K: I'm the one with the curly hair, who looks like she's dancing, and I'm wearing the Ecote Willow Embroided Maxi Dress, and my bare skin!

    What do you normally wear when you go to work?
    D: It depends on how I feel, but I've been told I can pull off a wife-beater and a blazer.
    K: I usually dress very comfortably and pair looser fitting garments with tighter fitting garments. I love wearing loose jeans and long flowy skirts!

    What's one trend you're excited to wear this summer?
    D: Maxi dresses/skirts!
    K: I'm excited to wear the crop tops and maxi skirts/dresses. Those are my favorite things to wear already!

    Are there any great thrift stores down there?
    D: Yes!! Re-Runs! It has 2 locations, one in Marietta and one Roswell.
    K: I usually go to Rag-O-Rama. There's one in Little 5, and one off of Roswell; but recently I have found a little boutique/thrift store I like called Alexi's Suitcase.

    Where can we find you online?
    D: Instagram!
    K: Facebook and Tumblr!