• (Photo c/o Merik Williams)

    Look Of The Week: Kayla

    Kayla is our WACC manager at our Queen Street, Toronto store, and even with all the NXNE craziness going on, she was keeping her outfit cool and casual, with just the right amount of red-lipped girliness! Denim vests are so hot right now.

    Hey Kayla! Tell us what you do for UO and what store you work at.
    I work at store 117 on Queen Street in Toronto, Canada, and I have just recently been promoted to WACC Manager! 

    What are you wearing today?
    I am wearing the oversized denim vest by Cheap Monday, the Lucy in the Skies With Diamonds graphic tee, NSF striped cheeky shorts, and white Chuck Taylor high tops all the way! Also wearing my UO sunnies, my Love Me carry-all tote and a little black vintage bag from Value Village. Everything else is from Urban!  

    Are there any good vintage places in Toronto? It seems like there are a bunch of cute ones!
    There are lots of neat little vintage stores all over the city, especially along Queen Street. There are 3 little shops within walking distance from work.  

    Has Toronto been crazy for NXNE? Who are you most excited to see?
    It's been pretty crazy so far, and it's just getting started and it ain't over yet! I'm most excited about Ludacris! Shake that money maker!!!!

    What's one of your favorite places in Toronto?
    Kensington Market or The Annex. It's a tough choice 'cause they are both really cool places to live, drink, and shop.  

    Where can we find you online?
    You can find me on Instagram @mackinleyfran! Funny story: if I was a boy my mom was going to name me Mackinley Francis, but since I was a girl my dad named me Kayla. But I think Mackinley Francis is a really cool name, so I use it for Instagram and Facebook.