• Look Of The Week: Jess Andrews

    Introduce yourself! Tell us what you do at UO and what store you work at.
    My name is Jess Andrews. I am the women's accessories manager (WAC manager) at Urban Outfitters in Mall of America. I've been in this store for two months now!  Before being transferred to Minneapolis, I was in St. Louis with UO, and in Austin with Anthropologie before that. 

    What are you wearing?
    My dress is from UO, about two seasons past. I bought it for a fall wedding and wear it every opportunity I get. The sheer button down is from Forever 21 and ankle boots are Arizona.  My jewelry is a mix of UO, American Apparel, and vintage pieces from my mother.

    Who is your ultimate style icon?
    I love the way the women of Woody Allen films dress! Whether Mia Farrow, Diane Keaton, or Mariel Hemingway... so cool and classic. 

    Tell us one thing people might not know about Minneapolis.
    Being pretty new to the area, I'm constantly adding coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs to my list of favorites. Bonus if I can ride my bike there. Did you know Minneapolis is top ten rated for being bike friendly? Bike only roads (Greenways) cut through the Twin Cities.

    Your bangs are so perfect! Any tips for keeping them looking fresh in the summertime?
    Bangs are one of my favorite things ever. I cut my own and keep them thick. Dry shampoo and flat irons can be the best tools in the summer, and I always have a spare headband with me.

    Tell us about one of your tattoos.
    Ah, tattoos. My newest one is a traditional Dear John, letter in hand.  Before that came MALL RATT written on the sides of my hands. Actually going to the mall today. I love the mall. 

    Where can we find you online?
    You can find me on Instagram @jess_andrews always posting photos of my dogs Andy Too and Amos Moses. And on Pinterest under my name.