• Look of the Week: Brad Jones

    Introduce yourself and tell us what you do for UO!
    My name is Bradley Jones. I’m a Leo, and the buyer for the electronics category at Urban Outfitters. Record players, headphones, iPhone cases, cameras, all that good stuff.

    We love your outfit, especially that duck shirt. Can you tell us what you're wearing?
    Those are actually seabirds of California. It’s a button up shirt from the Van Doren Rubber Company or more commonly known as VANS. I’m also wearing Dr. Martens Morgan suede ankle boots, Levi’s 511’s, and a beanie from Urban Outfitters.

    Who do you think has the best personal style?
    Grizzly Adams, hands down.

    If you were going to go to a festival this year, what would your festival look consist of?
    I would go to Sasquatch Festival and my festival look would be Grizzly Adamsesque. Fake fur only of course.

    Where can we find you online?
    Find me on Instagram at BJONES477 or search #bradtronics.