• Look of the Week

    Here's our favorite look of the week: Jane, our accessories sourcing intern, is anything but plain in this vintage Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit!

    Introduce yourself! What do you do at UO?
    Hi! I'm Jane! I am the accessories sourcing intern for Urban.

    Tell us what you're wearing.
    I'm wearing a vintage Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit, and H&M shoes.

    What inspires your daily style?
    My style is inspired by pajamas, utility, sentimentality, optical illusions, grandmas, animals, and comfort.  I'll wear anything soft, oversized, or grey.

    Who are your five favorite fictional stylish characters?
    In no particular order (and beyond five): Elaine Benes, Beetlejuice, Weird Al (not fictional, exactly), Bernie of Weekend at Bernie's, Rosie the Riveter (my current spirit animal), the entire cast of Le Petit Prince, and Laura Ingalls Wilder (again, real human).

    If you could only wear one thing every day, what would it be?
    If I could afford regular dry-cleaning, I would wear a grey cashmere bodysuit all day, every day. But in reality, I usually go for some kind of shirt-dress, or a super soft jersey tee (usually grey or stripes) with like, you know, pants.    

    Where can we find you online?
    Oh, just Instagram and snapchat, both janiejanez.