• Lohan Holiday

    I'm going to share a holiday secret with you all. Lindsay Lohan's sister, Ali Lohan, put out a little album called Lohan Holiday in 2006 and it is phenomenal. (You can listen to it on Spotify.) I cackle with delight whenever I put this album on. The standout track is "Lohan Holiday," for obvious reasons. (Like, the fact that it's called "LOHAN HOLIDAY.")

    This was made in 2006, when Lindsay was still a relatively uncontroversial human, and I am honestly surprised no one stepped in to be like, "You know what, younger Lohan? Maybe this isn't the best idea you've ever had." But kudos to the Lohan family for apparently steamrolling anyone who had any sense that year because otherwise we wouldn't have this gem to dazzle us with its brilliance every Christmas. What would a Lohan holiday even consist of nowadays? Drama, for sure. Probably car crashes, too. I can just imagine Dina petting Ali's hair and telling her what a star she is while Lindsay lies under the tree, clutching a copy of Mean Girls on DVD. When no one is looking, Michael Lohan sneaks in and starts blasting "Lohan Holiday" from the stereo, reminding them all that they're in this together, for better or for worse.

    Now that's a holiday. You girls keep me young, I love you so much. —Katie