• Limp Bizkit's Comeback

    I think one day I'm going to write a thesis on Limp Bizkit because I'm always like, "HAHAHA, LIMP BIZKIT. WHAT A JOKE. CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT A JOKE THEY ARE?" And then I put on "Break Stuff" for three hours to illustrate my point until I realize the joke is on me because "Break Stuff" is actually delightful. Not to mention that time 2 months ago when I got almost unironically sad that Limp Bizkit's Philly show sold out before I could get tickets. Anyway, Limp Bizkit has a new video out. In 2013, even! They're doing it, guys. They're doing it. Fred's little red cap from 1997 is going to follow us to our graves <3. —Katie
    (via Philebrity)